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Heaven and earth cover gift box

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Heaven and earth cover gift box

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Detailed introduction

Gifts for custom gift boxes

Please provide the following parameters so that we can quote you more quickly and accurately.

1. Material: Please provide material requirements. For common materials of various packaging products, please refer to the product description form.

2. Quantity: Please provide the production quantity. The different production quantity of packaging products will directly affect the production cost.

3. Specifications: Please provide the specifications and dimensions accurately. The size of the packaged products directly affects the printing imposition.

4, processing technology: please explain the post-press processing requirements.

5, printing color: please provide the printing color accurately.

Color prints are now mostly printed using modern offset printing technology. Modern offset printing uses four-color overprinting, which is to divide the color picture into four colors: blue (C), product (M), yellow (Y), black (K) four-color dot film, and then sun into a PS version, after The offset printing machine is printed four times, and it is a colored printed product.

Four-color printing is a lithographic method that achieves color reproduction using four printing inks of cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), and black (K).

Spot color printing is a lithographic method for color reproduction using special inks other than cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), and black (K) printing inks.

Different printing colors will directly affect the cost of the color box, so please tell us how much color your color box will print. If you don't know, there are two ways to get to know.

1. If you have printed documents, you can send us the documents directly, we will have a professional design engineer to answer your questions.

2, if you do not have documents, you can send us a sample, the same, we will answer professionally.

Order process

The first step: query the quote. The price of the product is used for the release of the product. Please contact us by phone or Want Want for the actual price. Confirm the material, quantity, specifications, processing technology, printing color and delivery location of the product you are purchasing.

Step 2: If you need to proof, please let us know. We will carry out proofing according to your requirements, you need to pay the proofing fee, you can return the proofing fee when you place the order; if you need to go to the company to see the sample, please make an appointment in advance;

The third step: place an order and sign a contract. You need to pay 30% of the total order amount as a deposit for the production of the product; please follow the bank account number or bank card number we provide for the payment, we will receive the deposit and follow the order and the sample you confirmed to produce;

The fourth step: pay the balance and arrange delivery. After the production is completed and all the products are shipped, we need to receive the balance of your order (the remaining 70%), and the goods will be shipped after the confirmation of the day.

Value-added services

We provide free modification, retouching, pirating, and design of printed documents for free. Complex piracy and high degree of design and production will incur a fee.

After sales service

The quality control of our production process is based on the customer's previous confirmation sample. If the customer finds that the sample does not conform to the size, printing and process after receiving the goods, please file an objection with us within 3 days. Our company will send a special person and Your company will negotiate and deal with it, and give an optimal treatment plan. The principle is to make the return, replenishment and payment treatment without affecting the customer's use.

Why choose Shenzhen gift box manufacturer welfare?

Cost: Through efficient management and resource savings, production is done in the most efficient way and at a reasonable price. We help you reduce costs and save money.

Speed: Complete product quotation, proofing, production in the shortest time, effectively handle urgent orders, we ensure fast delivery.

Tentacles: Specially sensitive to hue and subtle, make your design even better, we will live your ideas in the product.

Quality: In order to achieve superior results, the quality control has been launched from the moment of production, we will provide you with the best quality.

One-stop service: We are committed to providing one-stop service for our customers, from prepress, printing, postpress processing, quality control to product completion. We also provide you with product packaging box material recommendations, design and production, printing production solutions to help you develop your business.

Shenzhen Baoan Fuyong Weida Paper Products Factory is located in Fuyong District, Shenzhen City. Welfare Gift Box Factory is a Shenzhen color box packaging products enterprise with many years of industry foundation. The company has always insisted on “based on talents and technology. With the best products and services, we strive to innovate for the benefit of our customers.

At present, the company mainly deals in printing and packaging gift boxes, round gift boxes, color box-made, cylinder boxes, chocolate packaging gift boxes, cosmetic packaging boxes, tea gift boxes, electronic cigarette packaging boxes, lipstick tube packaging boxes and exquisite gift boxes. The services cover electronics, mobile phones, earphones, toys, food, cosmetics, tea, tea boxes, gift boxes, leather goods, health products, daily necessities, handicrafts and other industries, and have been unanimously recognized by well-known brands in various industries. Hotline: Tel: 0755-27308002

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