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A beautiful, unique look that wraps an object, allowing the outer box of the item to be decorated and rendered.

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A beautiful, unique look that wraps an object, allowing the outer box of the item to be decorated and rendered.

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The gift box is a practical gift wrap that is designed to give gifts to relatives and friends for the main purpose, and is an extension of the social needs of a functional method of packaging. The gift box is the embodiment of the heart. The love gift we buy or the love product we buy, all without exception, must have a packaging that reflects the effect, or romantic, or mysterious, or surprise, or shock, when you are slow Slowly opening it is like opening a secret forest in your heart and showing him the different meanings you want to express. This is what the gift box means.

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Because the gift box is an extension of the social needs of a functional way of packaging. Therefore, it not only has the function of packaging, but also highlights the role of a part of it. The exquisiteness of the gift box is proportional to the value of the added goods, which weakens the use value of the goods to a certain extent. The protection of the goods is similar to the general packaging, in order to highlight the value will use more expensive and beautiful lining to protect goods, such as silk. It is not as convenient as the general packaging in the circulation link. The value of the gift is relatively high, and the cost in circulation is necessarily high, such as collision avoidance and deformation-free. There is no doubt that it has an ultra-high influence on beautifying goods to attract customers.

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Gift boxes are divided according to packaging materials: paper products, plastic products, metal, bamboo and wood packaging, glass containers and composite materials. The general gift boxes are mostly made of paper packaging, which is related to Chinese traditional culture. We have a kind of romance in our hearts. The feelings, as if this can express the solemn affection of the heart. And advocate green packaging, paper is undoubtedly the most appropriate choice, the recovery rate of production and processing of simple packaging waste is also high.

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1. Design, design patterns according to requirements, culture, and product characteristics. Then proofing, according to the drawings, make samples. The gift box pays attention to the beautiful and beautiful appearance, so the color of the version is also varied. Usually, the style of the gift box not only has 4 basic colors but also a few spot colors, such as gold and silver.

2. Handmade bamboo basket packaging, pure original ecology, novel design, sturdy and durable, low carbon and environmental protection, can be widely used in fruit, fungi, eggs, food, salted products and other agricultural and sideline specialty packaging.

3. Select cardboard, the general gift box cardboard is made of cardboard or long cardboard. High-grade wine packaging and gift packaging cartons. Most of the cardboard with a thickness of 3mm-6mm is manually bonded to the outer decorative surface and bonded.

4. Printing, the gift box is only used for printing paper, the paper is not printed, and it is only dyed at most, because the gift box is the outer box, so the printing requires a high process, the most taboo color difference, ink dot, bad version These affect the aesthetic shortcomings.

5. Surface treatment, the gift paper of the gift box usually has to be surface treated. The common ones are light glue, over dumb glue, over UV, over varnish, and dumb oil.

6. Beer, beer is a relatively important part of the printing process. If you want to be a beer, you must have a knife. If the beer is not allowed, the beer is biased, and the beer will affect the subsequent processing.

7. Hey, the usual prints are first smashed beer, but the gift box is the first beer, the first is the fear of getting the paper, the second is the gift box, the overall beauty, the gift box must be handmade, this can reach a certain Beautiful.

Folding and editing this paragraph gift box new concept

Gift boxes from French Goffret cadeau and English Giftbox

It is very popular nowadays.

A new concept of gift giving. The gift box is not a real product, but 15-20 cards, each card represents a leisure experience activity, selected by the person receiving the gift box according to their own preferences. This concept was introduced to China by European countries such as France and Belgium. The gift box companies developed in the mainland have French Danish House, Box Box Gifts, etc., which have huge market potential.

Different from traditional gifts, the optional experience gift box is a series of carefully selected kinds of enjoyment and service, giving a unique experience. The general optional experience gift box is small and exquisite in appearance. Each gift box contains beautiful cards or self-selected manuals, representing more than a dozen merchants and their services. The recipient is free to choose a service that he likes. There is also an experience card for verifying identity and booking activities, for the purpose of booking and free enjoyment.

The self-selected experience gift box was born in France in 2003. It became a gift-giving model for the entire European market in a short period of time and gradually spread to Japan, Brazil, the United States, Australia and so on. For example, dakotabox in France and Danish House, a French company that has just entered the Chinese mainland market, offer a leisure experience with French characteristics to provide customers with a pleasant and caring service experience.

Folding experience content

Hotels, restaurants, beauty, fitness, sports, outdoor and many other categories, each experience has been carefully selected

For example: hotel suite service experience, restaurant wine and food experience, SPA club SPA and nursing experience, hair salon experience, photography service, golf experience, paragliding experience, hot air balloon experience, diving experience, yoga course, fencing course, etc.

Folding advantage

·Perfect gift: There is always an experience activity suitable for him/her; one year is valid, time is more flexible

· Value for money: The market price of each activity in the box is higher than the price of the gift box; the highest quality and best service provided by top merchants

· Mobility: Applicable to any time, occasion, event gift; the recipient decides when and where to enjoy

· Multi-person sharing: sharing unforgettable moments with friends, business partners

· Never fade: After a wonderful event experience, the memory is still memorable and carefully selected by the gift giver.

Folding method

Buy Gift Box --> Gift to the other party --> Select an experience in the gift box --> Book with the gift box company within the validity period --> Hold the experience card and ID card to go to the selected item for the experience consumption.

Folding edit this paragraph development trend

With the deepening of China's reform and opening up, international exchanges have become more frequent, international politics, economy, culture, sports, business, and religious activities have increased, and the packaging requirements for products have become higher and higher, and the extended packaging has become an increasingly important industry. Mature, showing a broad development space and market prospects.

The gift box has a wide range of applications and a wide range of applications. As a state of ceremonies, China has always advocated "come and not indecent assault". Only the gift market has huge market capacity and growth space. According to conservative estimates, China's annual gift consumption exceeds 60 billion yuan, and with China's accession to the WTO and the success of the Olympic bid and the improvement of people's living standards, the gift market will maintain steady and rapid growth for a long period of time. It can be seen that the space in the gift box market is very broad.

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