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How to choose the paper for the box?

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How to choose the paper for the box?

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It is often said that the definition of the package: refers to the folding carton and the micro corrugated carton caused by the two materials of cardboard and micro corrugated cardboard.

Packing box printing generally has the following forms: (1), color box: corrugated box, no corrugated box; (2), ordinary brown corrugated box: commonly used 3 layer corrugated box, 5 layer corrugated box, after product packaging, (3), white box: corrugated (3 or 5 layers) white box, no corrugated white box, the product should be sealed with tape after packaging; (4), display box: mainly with color display box, with PVC cover Display boxes, etc.; (5), gift boxes: generally used for the packaging of jewelry, stationery and other products.

Commonly used packaging materials are as follows: (1), white paper: ordinary white paper, copy paper, crepe paper; (2), bubble paper / Poly velvet / sponge / pearl cotton; (3), cartons: white box |, brown box, Color box.

Although the most important thing for the product packaging is to protect the inside of the product, but now the appearance of the box is also a must-have for manufacturers. It is also necessary to consider the cost and economics of packaging materials. So we should pay attention to a few items in the raw materials of the box:

(1) Equality: The quality of a product itself must be consistent with the outer packaging. For example, if you use a piece of money for a few dollars, it is obviously not suitable to take a very luxurious package. On the other hand, if a thousand pieces of high-end jewelry are packed in a carton, it is not appropriate. Therefore, the selection of the packaging material should be divided into high-grade, mid-range and low-grade according to the grade of the packaged articles. Like some high-end electronic products, because of their high price and easy damage, in order to ensure the safety of the product, it is necessary to use packaging materials with superior performance. Jewelry, imported goods, and cosmetics are generally used to satisfy the vanity of consumers, so high-grade packaging materials will also be used. Most of the mid-range packaging products are considered economical, and the packaging materials are roughly in line with the product itself. For some low-end products, it is often the largest sales, mainly for affordable, such as batteries, toothpaste and toothbrush.

(2) Adaptability: When transporting products, we also need to consider that the packaging materials can adapt to the transportation conditions, and especially for some food products, special attention should be paid to the weather, the long-term path and the way of transportation. There are obvious temperature differences in the climate of different regions, which also makes manufacturers need to be cautious when choosing packaging materials. In addition, aircraft, trains, ships, and automobiles have different requirements for packaging materials, so manufacturers must understand what kind of packaging materials they need to choose.

(3) Aesthetics: Because the aesthetic vision of consumers is getting higher and higher with the development of society, the appearance requirements for printed packaging products have also increased. In fact, in order to judge whether a product packaging is beautiful, it is not necessary. Find an art expert to identify, but look at its sales to know. Therefore, the aesthetics of the box does not refer to the art design, but depends on whether the product packaging you designed is appealing to the consumer. Only by understanding the eyes and psychology of the consumer can the packaging box that satisfy the consumer be improved. The sales volume of the product.

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